The Carribbean has a lot to offer with regards to wedding practices. While many persons simply know the modern commercial area of Jamaican marriages, there are still a handful of interesting pre-colonial practices that continue to be popular in some rural areas.

Classic Food

The Jamaican wedding party tradition of serving a goat curry with rum has been online for centuries, and the couple usually selects their own goat to prepare it for the ceremony and reception. The various meats is gently cooked for hours and is also packed with taste!

Wedding cake

The wedding cake is an important part of virtually any Jamaican wedding party, and is dished up on the day of as well as night before homes ceremony. This rum a treat is made from flour, eggs, butter, rum and dried fresh fruit. It is actually then cooked, with the top tier given to the priest who performed the service and the bottom level tier towards the bride and groom.

A dime

To get luck and prosperity to the marriage, a Jamaican bride will usually put on a dime into the bottom of her sneaker. This is not simply a sweet and lovely tradition, but it also allows the bride in order to avoid negative feelings that may influence her pleasure and health on her big event.

Friends and family Walkdown the Aisle

One of the interesting aspects of a Jamaican marriage ceremony is if the bride’s father and mother walk her throughout the aisle to provide her apart. This is an extremely emotional moment, and it’s a exclusive way for the family to connect with all the new star of the event.