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Antipasti di Terra

from the land

(Sheep skewers n.5 pcs)

(Baked bread with garlic and extravirgin olive oil)

(Baked bread with tomato and basil – roman style)

(Baked bread with parma ham and buffalo mozzarella)

(Burrata cheese with grilled artichokes)

(Roman artichokes cooked with lemon and mint)

(Fried artchokes at jewish style)

(Bresaola carpaccio)

(Eggplants , mozzarella, tomatoes, baked in the oven)

(Mortadella with roman pecorino cheese)

(Parma ham and buffalo mozzarella

(Parma ham and melon)

(Selection of italian cold cuts and cheese)

(Fried stuffed rice balls with tomatoes and mozzarella) 2 pcs

Antipasti di Mare

from the Sea

(Baked bread with anchovies and mozzarella)

(Seafood salad)

(Saute’ of mussels and clams)

(Marinated salmon with citrus fruits and red pepper)

(Octopus and potatoes)

(Fried cod fillet) 1 pc

(Fried zucchini flower filled with mozzarella and marinated anchovies) 2 pcs

(Burrata cheese with anchovies)


ITA: Tutti i prodotti contenenti allergeni o a base di allergeni sono indicati nel menu di fianco a ciascunapietanza con caratteri alfabetici

EN: All products containing allergenics or based on allergenics are indicated in the menu besideeach dish with alphabetics characters.

  • A: cereali contenenti glutine/cereals containing gluten
  • B: crostacei/crustaceans
  • C: uova/eggs
  • D: pesce/fish
  • F: molluschi/mollusks
  • G: arachidi/peanuts
  • H: soia
  • L: latte/milk
  • M: frutta a guscio/tree nuts
  • N: sedano/celery
  • P: senape/mustard
  • Q: sesame/sesame
  • R: solfiti/solphities
  • S: lupini/lupins

* Prodotto surgelato / Frozen product

Per ulteriori informazioni non esitate a rivolgervi al nostro personale.

For moreinformation do not hesitate to refer to our staff members.