A decision is reached early in the first phase as to whether, based on the more detailed information generated by the marketing and development staff, the project should be pursued further. We specialize in building high-quality software products within multiple domains. Our experienced software developers solve clients’ business and technical challenges of any scale and complexity within many industries. As a company with its own software products, we understand your challenges and needs.

  • A decision is reached early in the first phase as to whether, based on the more detailed information generated by the marketing and development staff, the project should be pursued further.
  • Orient Software assists clients throughout the product development lifecycle, from product research and new product development to quality assurance and maintenance activities.
  • We support your software product, improve it with new functionality, and fix errors and bugs on a regular basis.
  • Our expert software development teams will help you build a cost- and a time-effective pilot project to validate the idea, verify the feasibility, and save funds.
  • Software development teams emphasize product functionality, but they must adhere to the highest standards for code quality and program design.

This way, we transform the software into a high-performance and stable solution. Rely on our PMs, BAs from the US and Europe to set up the well-built software https://globalcloudteam.com/ development process with a clear plan and deliverables. However, we will need to review your software product architecture and its codebase first.

The POC can persuade investors and customers, and it can also help your organization anticipate technical risks and plan your work accordingly. Orient Software has significant experience guiding clients through POC development. In today’s competitive global economy, effective executives must carefully allocate every penny.

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Software development also includes research, new development, prototyping, modification, reuse, re-engineering, maintenance, or any other activities that result in software products. We provide flexible engagement models and a customer-tailored approach for our clients to help with both large and pilot projects. Moreover, if you need some technical help with the existing software to improve it – we can offer one or several experienced software developers within onshore or offshore models. Because consumer software applications are designed to run in uncontrolled user environment, thorough testing becomes a critical part of the product development lifecycle. Software developers and marketing managers must have an extremely low tolerance for defects, as any problems will impact not only current customers, but also the potential for future growth.

Every day we support thousands of users on our own apps and know firsthand what is needed for successful product implementation. See the figure on the right for an example of the interaction between business process and data models. Today’s rapidly changing markets and business models Software Product Development Company require that organizations enhance the functionality of their products as quickly as possible in order to stay ahead of the competition. Too often, in-house development teams lack the capacity to handle all the requests for additional feature within a competitive timeframe.

Since our founding in 1996, we develop custom software, offer CRM consulting services, and support thousands of users. Learn about our products and CRM consulting services at our sister website. We haveour own apps with thousands of users and we continue to develop new products. As a product company, we fully understand what challenges you might face when working on a new product launch. We believe profitability transcends having the best software — you need an established, stable business development process.

Software Product Development Company

We can help you bring your own project solution ideas to market from research and discovery to MVP development, final release, and market launch. An MVP is the most pared down version of a product that can still be released. With an MVP you can simultaneously build a product, test the market, and flex your assumptions about the features that customers value. We work with early-stage companies to build minimum viable products and jump-start the iteration process. “Selecting and effectively using a computer-aided software engineering tool”. Annual Westinghouse computer symposium; 6-7 Nov 1989; Pittsburgh, PA ; DOE Project.

Graphical representation of the current state of information provides a very effective means for presenting information to both users and system developers. Mobile applications development services – Custom, Native or hybrid iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile Apps. Orient Software can reduce your expenses by helping you support and maintain existing product lines, retiring product lines, and older product versions. That enables your in-house experts to focus on developing new products or versions. In these scenarios, Orient Software can serve as an extension team, working on feature developments in conjunction with your in-house team.

This phase allows our DevOps engineers to deploy your software solution and track its production flow. We’ll be happy to perform a pilot project for you to show how we work and our approach. Type your contact details below so we’ll contact you to discuss further. Our team can step in at any stage to solve problems where others have failed, delivering on tight deadlines without compromising quality.

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Sometimes it might be better to rebuild software from scratch to follow the best practices. We create product prototypes to bring your project to life and implement the best user journey. Then we build UI/UX designs; embedding high scalability and making your software product as intuitive as possible for end-user. Our Fintech solutions utilize the industry’s top-notch practices, synthesizing innovative technologies and lean business logic to bring you secure, multifunctional, commercially viable and user-friendly applications.

Software Product Development Company

By filling the form, you grant us permission to contact you about our products and services. The Orient Software Development team in Excosoft forms a vital part of our development capacity. Get a dedicated team of software engineers with the right blend of skills and experience.

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Companies must conduct thorough research on appropriate technologies, platforms and features before committing any to large financial outlays. Our knowledge retention leads to higher productivity and thus lowers the cost of the engineering efforts with time. Software product development is the process of creating tailored-made software specific to particular business or clients’ needs. This product development stage allows our QA software testers to validate your software product and make sure it runs smoothly and without errors.

Version control may be complex, especially considering multiple versions of the software. At Orient Software, every development resource must meet maximal quality standards in order to produce a scalable and robust product. Our flagship products include AscendixRE CRM for commercial real estate companies and Ascendix Search app for Salesforce users to improve their search experience. We also have a brochure generation app called Composer, a Property listing, and a Deal Room software MarketSpace. High-quality software products will help you avoid dozens of manual operations and bring extensive automation to your business.

No matter how simple or complicated your project, our developers will build it to your exact specification. Throughout many development projects completed so far with Orient Software, we have found them to be flexible and effective in keeping projects moving forward and delivering results. All in all, we couldn’t be more satisfied with Orient Software – our partner in software development, and it turns out, the distinction is in every detail. CRM Our Products AscendixRE CRM Salesforce App Development Case Study AscendixRE CRM is our flagship product used by thousands of commercial real estate brokers to keep track of all essential business data and close mode deals. Implementation partner to non-technical entrepreneurs seeking to jumpstart the product iteration process via MVP strategy. One system development methodology is not necessarily suitable for use by all projects.

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We understand that time is one of the most important assets a startup has. We help our clients establish highly effective workflows so they never lose focus on what is most important. A modeling language is any artificial language that can be used to express information or knowledge or systems in a structure that is defined by a consistent set of rules. The rules are used for interpretation of the meaning of components in the structure. Each of the available methodologies are best suited to specific kinds of projects, based on various technical, organizational, project, and team considerations.

The creation of business models is more than a way to view or automate your information process. Analysis can be used to fundamentally reshape the way your business or organization conducts its operations. Developing a new product is far more challenging than any custom application development, so it requires a unique mindset.

It also refers to methods for the development of information systems together with automated tools that can be used in the software development process. The term “computer-aided software engineering” can refer to the software used for the automated development of systems software, i.e., computer code. CASE tools automate methods for designing, documenting, and producing structured computer code in the desired programming language. These ideas can come from market research including the demographics of potential new customers, existing customers, sales prospects who rejected the product, other internal software development staff, or a creative third party. In a marketing evaluation phase, the cost and time assumptions become evaluated.

This way, you boost the company with high performance and efficiency that improves the KPIs of your enterprise. This stage helps us collect your project needs and requirements to define the software product architecture and start building a high-quality solution for your business. Use our DevOps and support team to keep the uninterrupted work of your software products and provide the best experience for your users around the Globe. We’re passionate about helping startups build better products and grow faster. We take the time to understand your business and develop solutions that make sense for not only your current operations, but also your long-term strategy. Our goal is to create user engagement applications that let visitors focus on great content and easily find any information they want.

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Leverage our product developers from Europe to access a pool of highly-skilled talented developers with experience of launching great software products under their belt. Work with our Solution Architects to brainstorm together on the optimal technical solutions, architecture, and roadmap for your product. Software development teams emphasize product functionality, but they must adhere to the highest standards for code quality and program design.

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All you need is to hire software developers and alter the existing codebase based on your needs and requirements. So, you can easily add new features, change the design, and make your product more intuitive and user-oriented. The models are developed as defining either the current state of the process, in which case the final product is called the “as-is” snapshot model, or a collection of ideas of what the process should contain, resulting in a “what-can-be” model. Generation of process and data models can be used to determine if the existing processes and information systems are sound and only need minor modifications or enhancements, or if re-engineering is required as a corrective action.

The facilitator should have some knowledge of the process of interest, but this is not as important as having a structured methodology by which the questions are asked of the process expert. The methodology is important because usually a team of facilitators is collecting information across the facility and the results of the information from all the interviewers must fit together once completed. Before jumping into full-scale product development, it is always wise to build a UI prototype. Orient Software has worked with dozens of firms, building professional UI prototypes to help them obtain their first customer or secure the requisite funding. In some cases, an organization needs to present proof of concept when approaching potential investors and/or customers.