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The computation results show that vacillation has a significant effect on falling film absorption in a vertical tube with TFE/NMP solution. Conclusion It requires more fertilizer in earlier growth stage of Artemisia annua L., N12P3Kwas the best on nutrient absorption of leaves. If the use antidiarrheal rapid stop diarrhea, will cause the toxin from the intestinal tract absorption, aggravation symptom of poisoning.

The absorption spectrum of iodine was recorded in the visible region using a HRD1 Double Grating Monochromator. The Z-8200 series of atomic absorption spectrophotometers has been launched by Hitachi Scientific Instruments. The drug absorption through strong, direct access to the skin, absorption in a sentence a strong antibacterial, Zaoshi antipruritic effect. The interaction of MOS with ilmenite was studied by mineral absorption measurement and infrared spectrum analysis. Another class has extremely high reflectivity with absolutely no evidence of absorption of light by ferrous iron.

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Absorptionmeans the physical, electrostatic, surface attraction of an absorbent for molecules of a gas, liquid, dissolved or suspended substance. So that black shirt on a sunny day while waiting for a ride on that hot new roller coaster?

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  • The nature of the surface of a body has considerable influence on its power of absorbing light.
  • Speedo’s XD fabrics actually resist absorbing water, and when your child’s suit dries more quickly, there’s less time for wet fabric to chafe and cause sore spots.
  • The strength of the absorption reveals the temperature, density , and mass of a gas cloud.

Atomic absorption spectrophotometer is used to determine calcium in calcium stearate, the best working conditions are fixed. But absorption and emission will occur only if momentum is also conserved, according to the law of conservation of momentum. Adidas is making running shoes with complex lattices that are firmer and better at shock absorption than conventional shoes. Although the patients in remission showed a slightly higher absorption of PEGs, this rise was not statistically significant. And I think this speaks to a spectrum that goes from complete self-absorption, to noticing, to empathy and to compassion.

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There is no mention of environmentally important techniques as gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, atomic absorption spectrometry, etc. Comparing with general bulk – oxide powders, nano – powders of oxide – materials exhibit blue and red shift optical absorption spectra. 1Comparing with general bulk-oxide powders, nano-powders of oxide-materials exhibit blue and red shift optical absorption spectra.

absorption in a sentence

1Numerical results were derived on the developing process of filamentation under the situations of whether or not taking account of multiphoton absorption dissipation . 1The detector and sample box system is desirable to set up a two-channel Mossbauer spectrometer, so as to obtain both absorption attd backscattering spectra simultaneously. https://personal-accounting.org/ The detector and sample box system is desirable to set up a two-channel Mossbauer spectrometer, so as to obtain both absorption attd backscattering spectra simultaneously. Other symptoms of undue absorption are vertigo, deafness, sounds in the ears, stupefaction, a subnormal temperature, nausea, vomiting and a weak pulse .

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Any source of light – whether luminescent or incandescent – can be traced back to the absorption of energy and its release as light. 2The oxiding behavior of the ion-plating coating is difference from metal aluminum. The initial oxygen absorption and oxiding rates are much paster than of aluminum metal. Its endogenous synthesis and urinary excretion have been well established,() but no consensus exists concerning the mode of intestinal absorption.

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  1. Alex nodded, soberly absorbing the information.
  2. You're absorbing what little power I have.
  3. My work grows more absorbing and interesting every day.
  4. She sobbed, absorbing the black visions spilling through his mind.
  5. I doubt if any teacher ever had a work of such absorbing interest.

Total absorptivity can be up to 9% using second-order absorption-oxidation process. Spam’s absorption into popular culture indicates that it has become a fact of life. Today, we confront the more subtle threat of absorption into the larger community. 1The maximum absorption of ASC and PSC were 2nm on ultraviolet spectrophotometry. Infra – red absorption takes place only when there is a change of dipole moment. Silver bud taro Chlorophytum, aloe vera, sansevieria absorption of formaldehyde.

Thus, it show wide application prospects in the fields of absorption, drug retarded release, fire-retardant and catalysis etc. Other adverse reactions due to systemic absorption, such as hypoglycaemia, rash, and acute renal failure,[/systemic] are rare. The phosphorus release and absorption of surficial sediments in Taihu Lake was studied under simulative disturbing conditions. Bacterial ferritin from Azotobacter vinelandii has qualitative characteristic absorption peaks in the visible spectral region. 1Furthermore, restricting intraluminal sodium concentration in jejunal perfusion does not seem to limit glucose absorption. The neutron shield is fabricated from a high mass/density material which provides a good source of neutron absorption.

  • The effective heating of large atomic clusters has been attributed par tly to collisional absorption and par tly to resonance absorption.
  • A more serious objection to the use of lagging of this kind is the danger of its absorbing moisture.
  • CONCLUSION The absorption of enteric-coated Metformin hydrochloride in gastrointestinal tract is incomplete.
  • The other is due to the optical birefringence of liquid crystal in its nematic phase.
  • In addition to absorbing vitamin K from vegetables and other foods, we also produce it in our bodies.