At Fusion, our CPAs can set up your accounting software and recordkeeping processes to help you optimize tax-deductible expenses. We help to ensure you are making timely and accurate submissions to the IRS to avoid tax penalties. Cynthia S. Hess, an exotic dancer who performed under the stage name “Chesty Love,” got to claim the cost of breast augmentation. She saw her implants as a “stage prop” and wanted to depreciate them on her taxes. For that reason, it’s pretty much only possible to write off extreme and niche surgeries. (We’ll get into a court case about this down below!) Ordinary, appearance-enhancing procedures — think Botox, liposuction, or a brow lift — can only be personal expenses.

What is the difference between a personal expense and a business expense?

Most times, the line between personal and business expenses is clear. Any expense that is directly linked to your business earning an income is a business expense. If you buy something to be used for your business, it's a deductible business expense. If you buy something to use privately, that's a personal expense.

Put another way, a personal appearance expense is only tax-deductible if it’s actively unsuitable for life outside of work. These two requirements give self-employed people a bit of wiggle room when it comes to appearance-related deductions. Stage makeup might be an ordinary expense and necessary for a model, for example, while an oil contractor would raise eyebrows if they tried to claim it. Tax professionals generally don’t recommend following in Trump’s footsteps. Turns out, most of them were pretty skeptical of his haircut deductions.

Cosmetic surgery

We hope this article cleared the lines between personal and business expenses. Don’t try to be sneaky and deduct personal expenses from your tax return to stay away from paying taxes. If you get caught, the IRS will make you pay harsh penalties. You cannot deduct clothes such as jeans because you can wear those pants for everyday “personal” wear.

How To Deduct Personal Appearance Expenses

Whether you’re driving to get supplies, meet with a client, have a business meeting over coffee, etc., the miles can certainly add up to a nice deduction for your business. That ruling also cited an earlier opinion, Hynes v. Commissioner. Tax Court said an on-air personality’s contract with her TV station that requires a neat appearance “does not elevate these personal expenses to a deductible business expense.” To learn more about these deductions — including rules for deducting the cost of dry cleaning and laundry on a business trip — check out our guide to writing off clothes for work.

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It might be a cool new laptop stand or the latest camera bag to carry around your gear on a photoshoot. These can most definitely count as an office expense as long as they are business-related. You also need to keep a log with the date, purpose of the drive, miles driven for that event, etc. Our expert team of CPAs is well-versed in all aspects of US & International taxes. According to the expert CPAs, the cost of groceries is also deductible from your taxable income. That being said, there are certain questions you can ask yourself to determine if there is still a chance for these expenses to be deductible.

How To Deduct Personal Appearance Expenses

You may be a bit worried too after you calculate your 1099 taxes and figure out how much money you’ll owe. Find out about your state taxes—property taxes, tax rates and brackets, common forms, How To Deduct Personal Appearance Expenses and much more. You’re also subject to the recovery-period rules and Section 179 rules. With the examples, you can start to see where clothing serves a business purpose, and when it doesn’t.

Body enhancements

Bench assumes no liability for actions taken in reliance upon the information contained herein. Trump’s tax records were closely monitored during his presidency. In addition to his deduction of $70,000, Trump’s business wrote off over $2.2 million in property taxes on his New York estate. I’ve been an enrolled agent (EA) since 2014 and a nomadic business owner since 2016.

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